We are Different

Interests Aligned

We believe in building the lowest cost strategies into which we would invest our own money. By investing alongside our clients we align our interests with theirs.


We believe continuity can be hard to come by at large firms, where staff turnover can be high. As we are a boutique, you will always have access to the Investment Team and you can be assured that you will not speak to a new person every time you talk to us.

Risk Premia

We believe that risk premia, such as the Value, Low Volatility and Size risk premia, exist and that exposure to these risk premia will help investors outperform others.


We believe that investors should diversify their fixed-income and equity investments with alternative assets. These include assets such as gold as well as daily liquid strategies which exploit inefficiencies in markets.


We believe that research is vital, so spend our own money on research which we feel is not widely followed by others in the asset management industry. This helps us think differently to others.

Maximised Risk Adjusted Returns & Minimising Costs

We believe in an absolute focus on providing investors the best risk adjusted returns we can. To help us do this, we believe it is imperative to strip out all unnecessary cost, reducing the impact of fees on our investors’ returns.