Investment Philosophy

Our Aim

We aim to build the most cost-effective portfolios into which we invest our own money.

Hybrid Investing

We believe in Hybrid Investing, an approach that renders the ‘active vs passive’ debate irrelevant. Merging passive and active philosophies can provide the low costs of passive investing with the added value that active management offers in more opaque markets.

Diversified portfolios

We build diversified portfolios containing equities, bonds and alternative investment strategies.

Asset Allocation Focus

We believe our efforts should be focused on asset allocation, both strategic in portfolio construction and tactical on an ongoing basis.

Risk Premia Informed by Decades of Academic Research

Our strategies benefit from extensive analysis to identify the most likely sources of long term returns. One of these sources is an exposure to risk premia, such as the Value, Quality and Size risk premia, alongside traditional large cap equity exposure.