The Managed Portfolio Service (MPS) is our discretionary fund management offering. We provide access to a suite of three actively managed, diversified model strategies. Each strategy invests in a range of collective funds (including ETFs), which provides a high level of flexibility to allow the manager to implement any tactical view within a specific risk framework.

The Managed Portfolio Service can be managed within a range of tax wrappers, including ISA’s, offshore bonds and SIPPs.

Available on a number of platforms including 7IM, Novia Financial, Praemium, Transact.


The investment objective of the Funds are to generate a combination, depending on the fund, of capital growth and income over the long term, through a mix of asset classes.

The Funds will invest primarily in exchange traded funds and other collective investment schemes that hold a mix of UK and international equities, alongside fixed income and alternative investments, as detailed in each Fund’s supplementary prospectus

Available via the majority of the major wraps, platforms, and life and pension wrappers.