We are Different

Interests Aligned

We believe in building the lowest cost model portfolios into which we would invest our own money. By investing alongside our clients we align our interests with theirs.

Asset Allocation Focus & Style biases (Global / Value / Small Cap)

Our efforts are focused on asset allocation, as we believe this is the main driver of returns. Our portfolios benefit from extensive analysis, to identify the most likely sources of long term returns. These include adopting a global approach and seeking exposure to smaller companies and value stocks alongside core, traditional assets.

Hybrid Investing

We benefit from the cost and performance enhancement of passive funds, with overwhelming statistical data suggesting that in most cases active stock selection does not add value. We will however use active managers to access opportunity sets not suitable for passive investment and where we believe value can still be added.

Aided by Exclusive Research

We believe that research is vital in asset allocation and have invested in a macro-economic quantitative research boutique to provide us with exclusive insights and aid us with tactical decisions. For more information visit www.quant-insight.com

Maximised Risk Adjusted Returns & Minimising Costs

We believe in an absolute focus on risk management, controlling volatility, minimising draw-downs and maximising risk adjusted returns. We believe it is imperative to strip out all unnecessary cost, reducing the impact of fees on our clients’ returns.


Since we allocate to funds which are mostly large and well known, we can already demonstrate that our model will work at scale as well.

Daily Liquidity / High Loan-to-Value (LTV)

We believe firmly that our clients should have daily liquidity and this is assessed in our fund due-diligence. This means most custodians will offer 60/70% LTV on our investment portfolios.